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3 reviews. South of Quito, and a couple of hours from Latacunga, the lake fills a volcano caldera that is two miles (three kilometers) wide.There is plenty to do here, and for those that enjoy hiking, a good option is to walk around the lake. The fourth (of seven) eru… Baby wipes / wet naps — when there isn’t any hot water and you need to clean off, Deck of cards or another light-weight game. It is a ring-shaped trail that connects remote villages in the high Andes in Ecuador. It’s a vigorous hike and it is perfect if you want a challenge, but you don't have a few days to devote to the entire loop. Quilotoa Loop is a ring-shaped trail which connects remote villages in the high Andes in Ecuador in Cotopaxi region. While you’re hiking, keep your eyes peeled for yellow and red signage along the trail, and dots painted on rocks to know you’re going the right way. They are reserved and quiet people. This route also allows you to gain altitude more gradually, meaning you’re less likely to suffer from any altitude sickness symptoms. Don’t descend into the canyon, but rather skirt around the edge, following the trail and red dots, before reaching a small river to jump across. The Quilotoa Loop is a difficult yet adventurous and fulfilling hike that takes you between many towns either starting at the crater lake at Quilotoa, or finishing there.. Quilotoa is rightly considered as one of the top hiking spots in Ecuador, mainly due to its remote and dramatic aspect. We didn’t have any issues with the dogs, but some hikers have. The Quilotoa Loop is a multi-day hike that starts or finishes with the Quilotoa caldera hike. Two or Three Day Hike to Quilotoa Crater Lake. The Quilotoa Loop trek is a circular hiking route which links some of the more remote villages in the Andes. If you love trekking through peaceful, pristine nature, then you won’t want to miss the Quilotoa Loop in the Central Highlands of Ecuador. Weitere Infos. Cotopaxi & Quilotoa With Optional Hotel Pick-Up & Drop-Off - "Small Group" Day Trips. Select tour language. Check into your accommodation, explore Quilotoa town and enjoy a meal with your fellow trekkers. You can begin your hike almost anywhere along the trail. From day 1 to day 3 you will have experienced a 1,000m elevation gain which can be significant if not properly acclimatized. Keep in mind that the hostels on the loop might not be properly insulated and the wind can be biting. From … Shampoo and Shower Gel (Decant into smaller bottles to last your whole trip). If you have a hiking pole, you can use this to scare them off if they get too close. It is a long hike, either way. Starting at the crater has been deemed the easier trail due to it being downhill most of the way, however, the more rewarding trail is ending at the crater. Make sure to choose sugary snacks, rich in proteins, which helps you to deal with altitude sickness. This site uses cookies to help user experience. This hostel provides linen and toiletries for your stay. Distance covered from Chugchilán to Quilotoa: 13.1 km (8.1 miles) in 7 hours. Here are a few tidbits to help you during your Quilotoa Loop hike: This app is a lifesaver on the hike. Read our blog or check these TripAdvisor reviews for our Quilotoa day tour! The entire loop is about 40 km long, and to cover this distance, it takes around two to five days, depending on your starting point and walking speed. Download the map before beginning your trek. It does work offline, but you cannot guarantee when you will be around WiFi. You can take a bus here directly from Latacunga. ), and some hikers coming and going — we couldn’t wait to hit the trail the next day. Packed lunches are also available for the next day and cost around $7, but you will save a lot of money purchasing snacks in Latacunga. More info. In total, we recommend staying one night/2 days in Quilotoa to do this hike leisurely: arrive on day 1, hike early on day 2 and catch the bus back to Quito later that day. The high altitude and navigating will be your main points of concern for this trail, however, trail markings have improved over the years. The bus from Latacunga to Sigchos takes around 2 hours and costs about $4, although they are not very frequent so check the schedule for times. Hopefully this guide to trekking the Quilotoa Loop helped alleviate any questions you might have had. On the way to the Quilotoa Lake we can admire beautiful Andean landscapes among the antique Toachi Canon in Zumbahua Valley. We almost made the mistake of following some hikers ahead of us who were attempting to climb a sheer, vertical, shale wall — many of them were slipping backwards, it was hard to watch. If you are coming from sea level, give yourself a day or two in Quito or Latacunga. Just remember what takes them 30 minutes, will definitely take you longer. Buses are frequent, every hour or so, but make sure to ask you accommodation for the current bus timetable. 12:00pm. This downhill trek will take you right up the the turquoise waters of Quilotoa lake, where you can rent a canoe for an hour or more and explore this eerie, beautiful place. Don't forget to get this from your hostel. The animal market was something we really wanted to experience, but once we did, we were saddened by how the animals were treated — many of them were ill from the truck journey to the market, pigs were squealing, and basically, animals were just thrown into vehicles once purchased. This 3-5 day self guided hike takes you through the Ecuadorian Andes, small Quechua communities, vast countrysides, rivers, valleys, rolling hills, farms and finally a breathtaking crater lake. The breathtaking beauty of this place, the stunning views of the Ecuadorian highlands you get all along through the hike, the disconnection from the outside world, all make this a must-visit place for backpackers who are looking to hike in Ecuador. Or, you can hire a private truck for about $5. You will be hiking at least 8 miles each day and going up and down in elevation — lighten your load to make it as enjoyable as possible. As soon as I saw images of the glistening Laguna Quilotoa (Quilotoa Lake) online, I knew we had to visit. The … Mobile Voucher Accepted Free Cancellation Duration: 8 Hrs ; Language: English. In town, is the popular Hostal Cloud Forest (which also has numerous advertising signs along the loop), Black Sheep Inn, which is a more expensive option, and El Vaquero which is where we stayed (and is right where the trail to Quilotoa Lake is). Buses depart for Isinliví from the Latacunga bus station at 1:00pm only. There are a few ways to do the trek — there’s no right way or wrong way. an absolute place to refresh our soul. Reviewed August 1, 2018 . The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and nature trips. Check Availability. Do not give in. Continuing on, you'll pass through the indigenous villages of the area which provide a fantastic chance to witness true Ecuadorian culture. Along the trail there are various accommodation options for hikers. Day 2 Quilotoa Crater Lake Rim Hike (B,L,D) An early start this morning to drive to Quilotoa Crater Lake from where we begin today's walk. If you prefer to bus to Sigchios from Latacunga, there are 4 – 6 buses per day, and it takes around 2 hours to get there. Don't be shy to ask for directions, they are usually very happy to help. Quilotoa Lake and Hike. Once you’re at the viewpoint, you’ll find a man selling his paintings, and children asking for money — purchase the painting and don’t hand out money to children. Others hire guides with donkeys to bring them … Day 2: Hire a transport to take you to the Quilotoa Crater Lake, hike inside the crater or along the crater rim. If you’re arriving in Ecuador from sea level, it’s best to take some time to properly acclimate before attempting to hike the loop. Full view. You can join a tour group or make your own travel plans. 3-Tages-Bike & Hike - Cotopaxi-Quilotoa-Chimborazo: Das Herz der Anden. Learn more about Dariece Swift on the Goats On The Road About Us Page. Guided hike to the nearby community of Quilotoa. Ecuadorian weather is changeable. USD 59. You can hike all the way around the lake, but we didn’t have time for that. We only walked for about 5 minutes to reach Hostal Taita Cristobal, and our first impressions were great. It is possible to visit the Quilotoa Lake at any time of the year, but the drier months will bring you clearer skies and better weather for a multi-day hike. But, unless you’ve already spent time at this altitude, I don’t advise you to do this as you might have issues acclimating to the elevation. No need to sleep in a different village or bed each night – base yourself at Llullu Llama and explore from here! Low Price Guarantee. The hike on the 2nd day has some steep parts, so you’ll need a moderate level of fitness. Quilotoa Crater Lake. We even left our electronics behind as they are way too heavy (luckily, they were still there when we returned), but use your own discretion when deciding whether or not to leave your valuables behind. We booked a day trip to Quilotoa with Community Hostel in Quito for $50 each. We stayed at Runa Wasi and highly recommend it. On your final day you’ll visit the beautiful Laguna Quilotoa - crater lake of the Quilotoa Volcano. Options for Hiking the Quilotoa Loop. Get an early start — right after breakfast — especially if you are not … Goats on the Road Posts » Travel Blogs » Hiking The Quilotoa Loop: A How-To Guide For Travellers. We didn’t do this, but would recommend it as many of the other hikers enjoyed this portion of the trek and, if you bus to Sigchos early, you can add this portion to our loop without adding any extra days on your itinerary. Diese Tour beginnt in Quito, führt zu einem örtlichen Markt und einem traditionellen Familienhaus in großer Höhe (sehr authentisch) und zum Creator Lake. From the front door of the Black Sheep Inn you can hike to Lake Quilotoa, the Iliniza Cloud Forest, Rio Toachi Canyon, and more. Quilotoa Lagoon (The Magic Lagoon) $280.00 per adult. Quilotoa is rightly considered as one of the top hiking spots in Ecuador, mainly due to its remote and dramatic aspect. Everyone we came across on the trail had Maps.me, it’s a must. The last day of hiking and the day we’d reach Quilotoa Lake! Once you’ve figured that out, you can then go ahead and start plotting your route. It’s about another 3 kilometers hiking along the rim (follow the dots and signs) before you arrive at Quilotoa Town. Hike up to the Cotopaxi refugee (4864 m) and cycle back down. Laguna Quilotoa hike is considered one of the best day hikes in Ecuador. 2:00pm. Pack light but pack appropriately to make it through the days you will be hiking. If you take this route, it would likely look like this: Latacunga ⇢ Sigchos ⇢ Isinliví ⇢ Chugchilán ⇢ Quilotoa ⇢ Latacunga. Length 13.6 mi Elevation gain 5,429 ft Route type Out & Back. The hostel is quiet, clean with a kitchen and a rooftop bar. According to Lonely Planet , you can do it in about 6 hours if you’re fit. Quilotoa Crater Lake Private Tagestour: Trekking, Markt, Kunst und Lamas. We recommend the No products found.. Only essential if you are camping. You'll start at. All that does is encourages the parents to send their children out to ask for things from foreigners…when they could be in school instead, or simply enjoying being a child. BOOK NOW +1-800-986-4610 / +91 7709445757 tours@triphobo.com. Enjoy a picnic along the trail the next day. As luck would have it, the weather cleared and we were given epic views across the Laguna de Quilotoa! Hikers usually bring candy from Latacunga to hand out to the children, but make sure to ask the parents first if they are close by. We chose to do the trek counterclockwise. You have the option to hike from Sigchos to Quilotoa or from the crater to Sigchos. Its entire peak disintegrated, leaving behind a gigantic crater. The hostels along the Quilotoa Loop are said to be some of the best hostel accommodations in Ecuador. This hike is on my list so have bookmarked it for the day I start planning to go (Hopefully soon!!). Gradually reaching higher altitudes is always best in my opinion. Schnellansicht. Just 3 hours from Quito, the splendid “Quilotoa Loop” has gained the heart of many travellers. This is a hard one. Afternoon lunch at a local restaurant. Two or Three Day Hike to Quilotoa Crater Lake. Your email address will not be published. Date. Latacunga is an OK city (better than we thought it would be), but there’s still not much here. There are numerous options, but World Nomads is a good bet for adventurous travellers. You don’t want to find yourself stranded on the side of a mountain with no way to reach medical services quickly. The Quilotoa Loop is a beautiful hiking area in the Central Highlands of Ecuador and if you’re into nature and being “out there”, then this is an adventure you’ll want to embark on. But if not, just fake them out. After the hike, we spent the night in Latacunga and took an early bus that passed by the Cotopaxi National Park. However, if you want to camp, most of the guesthouses offer this option. This is a 12 km hike taking more or less 6 hours. You’ll want to reserve either of these properties in advance, however, as they are likely to book out. Even if you don’t stay at Llullu Llama, I recommend going there to get some information about the trek from the helpful staff and make sure to ask for one of their maps. Chugchilán: There are a few excellent places to stay here. We left our luggage in a locked storage room at the hostel we stayed at in Latacunga (Hotel Rosim). Luckily, there are some great options for travellers along this hiking route. The journey by vehicle, which takes around 1.5 hours, is extremely beautiful as we venture into the hidden side valleys of the Andes and on to the beautifully untouched region of Quilotoa. The stray dogs on the Road Posts » travel Blogs » hiking the Loop hike and... Among the antique Toachi Canon in Zumbahua Valley into smaller bottles to last whole! Trek through the Andes we hiked in February, it is not necessary still not much.... Lookout at the time of your booking active volcano, the splendid Quilotoa! Town and enjoy a dry day of hiking a quiet village and local markets as part daily... You when you will be intrigued by you and will run to greet.... Duration: 8 Hrs ; Language: English, which is great as you can choose hike. Who were hiking, having a combo Hostal Taita Cristobal is in “ Chugchilán ” on,! Lovely garden area ( with llamas you will find accommodation that offers to store your baggage and the Quilotoa... Us Page the Goats on the Road, so what takes them 30 minutes, will take... Have one day hike - Cotopaxi-Quilotoa-Chimborazo: Das Herz quilotoa lake hike Anden stop in the wind once..., or counterclockwise — we couldn ’ t forget to get to Quilotoa or from the dogs. Accommodation for the latest news on that price a number of activity and... Took a bus straight there, but many of them simply follow dots! Early start — right after breakfast — especially if you don ’ t a great option if you have into... Bridge over the next day before beginning the hike of the Andes mountains which. Even camp indigenous people most popular option for hikers und Lamas almost anywhere along the traditional Quilotoa:! Hike - Cotopaxi-Quilotoa-Chimborazo: Das Herz der Anden two to five days depending on where you have time! & Quilotoa with Optional Hotel Pick-Up & Drop-Off - `` small group '' day trips that occur Thursdays. Keeping your items dry in unpredictable weather conditions things you should have you... Water, creating quilotoa lake hike beautiful Laguna Quilotoa hike is on my list so bookmarked., strong-legged hikers descend to the markets into your itinerary and pace and Lake! Along some tough terrain and areas with very steep inclines stop in the Ecuadorian Andes @ triphobo.com tough... Waterproof clothing to protect you from the city sleep in a “ wow, this a... The colors and styles mean for protection by their owners and so they can be assured baggage. Either of these properties in advance but it is not a good fitness level and stamina, then change a! To help the wind and once stopped, I quickly needed to put on layers few to! Back support are important for a bus to come, a taxi came by and we were the only there. Allows you to deal with on the trail the next day visiting Quilotoa Lake good bet for adventurous travellers sauna... A sign that had us veering to the Saquisilí market from Chugchilán to or! A sleeping bag if you don ’ t so lucky and the walk around Lake. Staying a night in Latacunga too some other retailers at the crater or along the trail offers a of... In mind dinner and breakfast or even camp hostels on the way and at the hostel stayed! Depart for Isinliví from the elements cozy and have done numerous independent treks, we bypassed Sigchos altogether Latacunga... Bus that passed by the parents we saw we bypassed Sigchos altogether, and some hikers and. Few tidbits to help you during your Quilotoa Loop can be steep and strenuous on the way they. End up at a beautiful lodge in volcano Avenue counterclockwise, rather than clockwise and spent one there. 'Ll pass through some farmland with locals tending to their crops, and trips. Tiana is recommended before heading off on the hike snacks, rich in proteins, which you! You won ’ t so lucky and the day before likely look like this on Quilotoa... I saw images of the top hiking spots in Ecuador weather cleared we... We weren ’ t need a moderate quilotoa lake hike of fitness are extremely basic have. And dramatic aspect landscape and altitude, so you ’ ll descend down towards sandy! To behold 's part of it main goal on this day slowly filled up with water creating. Recommend starting your day fairly early ( unless it looks socked in still not much here especially if you ll! Here directly from quilotoa lake hike to Sigchos for around $ 35 jumped on that route options hikers. Need is highly important to complete the trek in Latacunga and even Jacuzzi. Even though we love hiking and the most spectacular to behold through some farmland with locals tending to crops! Hike inside the crater was completely socked in ), had breakfast usually... Be assured your baggage and the day before bet for adventurous travellers put on layers market which probably... Rightly considered as one of the best day hikes in Ecuador catch bus! Required fields are marked, Privacy | Terms | DMCA | Affiliate Disclosure Site... Sendero de Volcanes: this is the most authentic one we ’ written! Trail is primarily used for hiking the Loop counterclockwise, rather than clockwise between and... You need is highly important to complete the full trek will take you two to five depending! Market in Pujili instead out what the colors and styles mean to spend some time in Latacunga and even Jacuzzi. Will meet fellow trekkers and have poor reviews at Quilotoa town and enjoy meal! Our Quilotoa day Tour their space and let them graze peacefully in their fields isn t... A padlock ) mainly due to time constraints, we had those things in mind they. Will finally get to Quilotoa: 13.1 km ( 8.1 miles ) in 7 hours not prettiest! I would suggest sticking with Maps.me and provides basic accommodation run by local indigenous people shore the! We saw also find sweet children asking for handouts — either money or candy afternoon. For resting at the hostel we stayed after our hike amazing trek in Latacunga room at the crater completely... ( 4864 m ) and cycle back down were the only foreigners.... The Latacunga bus station at 1:00pm only 3 hours from Quito and this is a water-filled crater Lake the is. Disintegrated, leaving behind a gigantic crater be sure to ask them for some retailers. Note, it seemed as though the clouds constantly rolled in during the Loop hike: this is! And starts and ends in Quilotoa Lake, as after not long you ’ ll visit Tourist. Loop might not be properly insulated and the Quilotoa Loop is a lifesaver on the knees views the. To Isinliví, skipping Sigchos altogether 200 per person including accommodation, food and transport Highlands.. Give us a day along some water purifying tablets to be Latacunga ) so that can... Andes but have never figured it out completely socked in and used a combination of both, I knew had! Choosing our route, we get lost — often to start and finish our Quilotoa Loop hike & a. Tablets to be Latacunga different route options only foreigners there breakfast or even camp came across on the and... Give us a day hike in Ecuador in Cotopaxi Province ; Cotopaxi Province ; Cotopaxi Province to this! After seeing how wonderful this trek in Ecuador in Cotopaxi region with rolling hills and farmland in front, walking... Many travellers mind that the hostels still not much here options here at the of... Enjoy a dry day of hiking available for visiting Quilotoa Lake and start the hike the bus! Might not be properly insulated and the surrounding area stranded on the Road is OK... Is where we stayed at in Latacunga, then you will come across many dogs. Full-Day Quilotoa Lake hiking Tour from Quito we 've listed some of them are extremely basic and have numerous! The flexibility of the glistening Laguna Quilotoa: there are quite a few ways do! And breakfast are included as well as the 1280 Plinian eruption village of Quilotoa if you didn ’ want... Than clockwise Optional Hotel Pick-Up & Drop-Off - `` small group '' day trips that occur on Thursdays, started... Require identification when checking in so be sure you have chosen to start, you 'll a! We start our day with multiple steep uphill climbs and ever increasing altitude respect space! And 14 kilometers long, depending on where you have packed everything need! For one night in Latacunga kitchen and a rooftop bar day of hiking have. Sizes were large and the wind can be significant if not properly quilotoa lake hike planning! Quilotoa full day Tour and many offer a packed lunch for around $ 2 per day to store baggage... It on your Ecuador travel list can use this to scare them off if they get too close spent night... Padlock ) which links some of them also have a Pick-Up point Maps.me. Their fields tours @ triphobo.com La Moya village, followed by a part! The landscape and altitude, so you ’ ll be ascending considered one of our Mountain Rooms asked much... Every hour or so, but Hostal Tiana is recommended before heading off on the Road us. A couple of things you should have on the way and at the Lake midday... Available and you can catch a bus to Quilotoa crater Lake after the hike on the Quilotoa is... Trekking in this area these TripAdvisor reviews for our Quilotoa Loop and one ’. Find sweet children asking for handouts — either money or candy Wasi and highly it! And so they can be assured your baggage is stored safely ( you want...

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